78 Sites To Earn Money Online!


Are you looking to earn a little extra money online? Do you have no idea where to begin or what all the income options are? Look no further this article list 100 Plus sites to earn money online and generate free internet website traffic to help boost your chances of earning even more money online from the comfort of your own home.

Chances are if you are seeing this page than you are one of Millions of people searching the internet without ever being able to find any real starting points to making money online. This article is for you. This article will get you started with a ton of programs to start earning real Cash and Crypto today!

You can also use this Article for Free Website Traffic by signing up at the sites below, gathering Free Signup Bonuses and than using those credits to advertise your own sites/affiliate links. Either way I wish you luck in your journey and would like to remind you to Subscribe if you like this content and want even more of it. Thanks for the support!

What is Paid To Click?

Paid to click websites offer users a means of earning a very minute amount. The majority of the sites attempt to push the end-user to sign up for offers on offer-walls as a means of getting a small amount of monies for view a quick ad, referring a friend, taking a survey, signing up for offers or even downloading an app.

The task vary greatly depending on what platform you are on, as well as the payment methods. My all time favorite sites are the ones that pay in Bitcoin Cash or Bitcoin, I am not picky.

Understanding The Audience!

The most important thing you want to keep in mind is these are people just like you and I. They are either struggling to make ends meet, don’t have the budget to advertise or just simply want to earn some extra cash in their spare time.

What is the best use for traffic like this? I like to use these sites about every 2 to 4 months as a means of Free Internet Traffic to my Blog sites. I have gotten plenty of referrals using this technique on sites like read.cash, publish0x, 1Q and so many more.

How can I get Free Traffic to my Blog?

Simply sign up for the sites listed below. Some of the sites give you an immediate signup bonus while others you will have to start from zero and spend 20 to 30 minutes to earn the Free Traffic by browsing other related ads that may peak your interest.

Once you have enough Points, Coins or Satoshi’s simply click advertise than fill in the blanks. Than watch as you start getting the traffic you worked for.

Paid To Click:

  • Coin Pay You: This site could fall under many categories, from Paid To Click, Paid To Surf, Faucet and more with a low minimum pay out of 11,000 Satoshi’s
  • AD BTC: Get Paid in #BTC to view ADs watch videos and Auto Surf with a minimum Payout of 50,000 Satoshi’s which isn’t bad considering the gas fees in my opinion.
  • Ad Coin Up: Paid Satoshi’s to browse ads provided you don’t mind a pop up window every time you scroll on the site. Personally it is more than frustrating to have have a pop up window every time you pull the site up make any type of action on the site. This one is not worth the time in my opinion.
  • Claim Bits: Sign up and start earning Bits that you can convert to Bitcoin and withdraw to your Bitcoin Address or Faucet Pay. You can earn even more Bits by claiming the Faucet every 5 minutes! You mush make 30 Faucet claims before being eligible to withdraw any funds.
  • Crypto Win: Simple Paid to click amongst other activities such as offer walls with a minimum payout of 200 satoshi’s.
  • BTCBUX: After sign up simply go to your dashboard. You will see a balance of 1,000 You than scroll down, on the left site of your screen you will see “Advertise” click the link, click create new ad and than fill in the blanks and submit your ad. Once you have your ad submitted you will see that it has a balance of 0 Click on the 0 and than add either all of the 1,000 sign up bonus or a partial amount.
  • Earn Your Crypto: Paid To Click Ads, Paid To Watch Videos. They give you $5.00 worth of HODL (BEP-20) for signing up but requires .03 in order to withdraw the HODL that I am unable to verify.
  • Cointiply: Paid To Click, Faucet, Offer wall
  • Pips To Pay: Paid to click signup bonus of $1.00 advertising credit and a minimum withdrawal of $1.00
  • Serp CLix: Paid To Click. $5.00 Minimum Cash Out — This site requires that you download an extension to your browser in order to earn. You must actually use google and make a search for the provided terms and then click the link to get paid.
  • Fusion Cash: When you sign up and verify your email address and finish setting up your account you will receive a $5.00 sign up bonus. You can get paid for sign up offers, surveys, paid to click and just by simply watching some videos
  • Paid Verts: Paid to Click, Paid Offers Wall.
  • Gain GG: Get 100 coin Sign Up Bonus. and get Paid from Offer Walls, Surveys and Watching Videos. Minimum withdrawal from PayPal $7.50 or Bitcoin Wallet $5.00
  • S Coin: Get Paid to watch users You Tube Videos, subscribe and like. Minimum withdrawal is 2,000 SCOIN

Traffic Exchange Sites:

  • Custom Hits: Paid To Surf with a payout minimum of $50.00 to PayPal
  • Rank Boost Up: Paid To Surf with a minimum payout of $25.00 (Requires an Extension)
  • Traffic Ape: Traffic exchange site. Downfall, you can only generate 25 hits per day in exchange for viewing.
  • Many Hit: Auto Surf, Manual Surf, Free 300 Banner Impressions on Sign Up!
  • Hit 4 Hit: Auto Surf, Manual Surf with no sign up bonus.
  • 10 K Hits: Auto Surf Traffic Exchange
  • Traffic G: Auto Surf Traffic Exchange
  • You Like Hits: When you sign up you get 200 free points and 3 days of premium account access for Free:

Paid Surveys:

  • 1Q: This program may only be available to those located within the United States. Also requires a cell phone. Typical questions from 1Q pay .10 to .25 cents instantly into your PayPal Accounts. You can choose to donate the money to a charity. This is one site that I can personally vouch for that legitimately does Pay as I have earned over $86 during one year using 1Q.
  • Earn Haus: Paid Surveys, for every 3 completed you get $5 to your PayPal Account. This site does legitimately pay through PayPal The payment proofs will be in the next article.
  • Go Branded: Surveys! The minimum Payout is $5.00 to your bank, PayPal, gift cards and more!
  • Survey Junkie: Highly recommended Paid Survey Site, I spent 3 to 5 hours on this site and managed to hit $5.01 for the minimum payout of $5.00. They claim to payout with PayPal, Visa Cards, Gift Cards and bank transfers. The only option it gave on my account was for a Bank Transfer. Once I receive the $5.01 in my Bank Account I will release the screen shots incase anyone else would have any doubts.
  • INBOX DOLLARS: When you sign up at Inbox Dollars you will get $5 sign up bonus. Than you will need to earn an additional $10 to cash out at $15 Paid to read, Paid Surveys and Paid Offers.
  • SWAGBUCKS: When you sign up with Swag Bucks you will receive 300 SB after you earn 300 SB within 30 days of signing up. They offer Surveys and Paid To Sign up offers. 1 SB as the equivalent value of .01 and the smallest payout is for 1,000 SB and that gives you $10 to Pay Pal.
  • Y Sense: Paid Surveys with a minimum pay out of $15.00
  • Paid View Point: When you sign up at Paid View Point you will receive up to $1.10 for registration process and an additional .10 for 1 minute survey. The current payout minimum is $15.00 to PayPal
  • Opinion Outpost: A simple survey site that isn’t currently giving any sign up bonus at this moment, but pay outs start at $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards or $10.00 PayPal Withdrawal

Social Media & Blog Sites That Pay:

  • Noise Cash: The majority of people have heard of Noise Cash by now and are more than likely already signed up. The concept of Noise Cash is almost ahead of it’s time. Although the need for newer social media platforms that do not have a dictatorship censoring “Free Speech” is a necessity to the people of every country/territory in my humble opinion.
  • Publish0x: A platform like Read.cash that pays out in #AMPL and #ETH to kucoin or directly to your personal wallet.

Crypto Faucets: (Free Bitcoin)

Most Bitcoin #Faucets allow you to claim Free Bitcoin Hourly. Some may have shorter time frames or higher.

  • Crypto Sats: Faucet allows you to claim 600,000 coins every 1 minute. Withdraw at 40,000,000 coins to coinbase. Get Paid To Click and you can play a Math game for 320,000 coins every correct answer or minus 135,000 per every wrong answer.
  • Free Bitco: Free Bitcoin allows you to claim Bitcoin hourly with the option of also wagering your free Bitcoin in order to gain even more Bitcoin or lose, your choice. Minimum withdrawal of 0.003 BTC (every Sunday)
  • Faucet Crypto: Claim from this faucet every 30 minutes with a low minimum withdrawal of just $5 worth of Bitcoin!
  • Free Tron: Get Free Tron hourly. Take advantage of the Free Roll Promo Codes on Twitter. Minimum Withdrawal is 40.0 #Tron
  • Fire Faucet: Claim ACP which allows you to use the auto claim feature on the faucet, offers a variety of different crypto currencies to claim free. The minimum withdrawal via bitcoin wallet is $10.00 worth of Bitcoin.
  • Pipe Flare: Daily Faucet Claims, Play Games To Earn more!
  • Grab BTC: Hourly Faucet along with countless other ways to earn even more satoshi’s from uploading videos to writing blog post and leaving reviews along with clicking links and more with a simple Payout minimum of $8

Paid For Data:

  • Honey Pot: Get a $5.00 Sign up Bonus, download the program and start earning right away!

Paid To Play:

  • Coin Farm: The name of the game is birds. You get 300 coins for sign up and an additional 20 coins for completing the tour, that gives you an initial balance of 292 after buying your first bird during the tour. The object is to have birds lay eggs, collect the eggs and sell them at the market. Once you have enough gold coins you can cash out to PayPal or other various sources. (Not valid in the United States) The minimum payout is 701,920 Bars
  • Cash 4 Cow: You get 300 coins to starts along with a level 1 cow. minimum #BTC withdrawal of .0034 Bitcoin.
  • Coin Birds: This is exactly the same as Coin Farm, same layout and pay structures.

Higher Risk Free Crypto Mining:

A ton of sites have emerged in the crypto mining sector. Some of these sites may be legit and may actually pay out. I personally haven’t received a dime but I am still going to list them all here for Knowledge purposes of making Money Online.

  • Doge Day: You start with a bonus of .20 #Doge Coin which is supposed to turn into 4.4 Doge Coin within 29 days. The minimum withdrawal is not readily available on the site.
  • Bitcoin Miner Gold: No sign up bonus just free Mining. Minimum Payout required is 0.005 Bitcoin

Crypto Games A.K.A. Crypto Gambling:

Crypto Gambling has been a thing online for a long time & has grown in popularity with a ton of people claiming to have made hundreds of thousands in #Bitcoin just for playing simple dice games and more. The odds are always stacked in favor of the house which means chances of winning are more than likely around 30 percent, but Good Luck if you choose to try your luck.

Random Earning Sites:

  • Shrink Me: Earn extra money when some one clicks your link they will see an ad before solving a captcha to go to your actual link. minimum payout is $5.00

My Final Thoughts

Although a ton of people claim to make decent money with these methods it doesn’t really seem to be that plausible unless you are the one running such sites and barely having to do payouts. Most people that start adventures like these quickly turn cold and walk away due the amount garbage that they have to weed out in order to find the few that will actually put some extra change in your in bank account/PayPal/Bitcoin Wallet.

That had been a problem for myself in the past. I start out on these projects of tackling the Paid To Earn sector of the internet and than always seemed to lose sight of what direction I was headed once inside the Rabbit Hole.

This time the plan is to weed out all the garbage and put together an article that goes into further detail than this article that has been in the making for well over a week at the point of writing this. The best time to stack Crypto is in the Bear Markets in my opinion. What is a better way to stack some extra crypto than for free?

The surveys on these “Offer Walls” seems a little too good to be true. after trying so many and being declined about 99 percent of the time it is hard to keep focused on Surveys. Although 1 percent of them has paid, it was very minute and it wasn’t enough to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold on the platforms.

The obvious thing you should notice once you start going through the list and actively using each site and attempting the surveys is they all seem to be interlinked to the same survey API, kind irrelevant information to most of you, but someone may find that interesting and do some more investigating on the Surveys.

The Paid To Click sites will take a couple weeks in order to get payouts on them. The Cointiply site Balance as of now is just shy of 3,000 coins out of 11,000 coins needed to cash out at just above a dollar.

The next article will contain more in-depth information on each of the sites listed in this article. This article is already over 10 minutes worth of reading, with that in mind it is time to finish up adding about another 40 programs above before publishing.

The hopes here is to help you gain Free Crypto or Free Internet Traffic using these sources, depending on what affiliate program you are advertising the Free Website Traffic could be exactly what your campaign needs and you always have the option of paying for even more traffic. (Be Careful)


These sites are listed for informational purposes only. I am not recommending these sites for you to spend money on them or attempt to generate income from these sites. Although the majority of these sites may be legit, I have not had the time to obtain payouts on these sites.

The main purpose of this article is to give new comers a starting point to boost website/blog traffic without spending thousands of dollars. Although with Free Website Traffic it can often be a major waste of time, but that all depends on your content and what you are offering to these people.

Almost all links above are “Affiliate Links” in order to get most of the sign up bonuses you must use the links provided above. However if you do not want to us my affiliate links you can find all the links from above HERE with out the referral codes and sign up bonuses.



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