Artificial Intelligence: Part 2: The Beginning of Neural Networks

Justin Rutkowski
6 min readAug 24, 2022


Artificial Intelligence:

“The Uprising of Artificial Intelligence” by Justin Rutkowski using A.I. Neural Network

Artificial Intelligence: Part 1: Where we are headed

Artificial Intelligence is becoming a major part of our lives as technology evolves beyond our wildest imaginations, or is it? We will go through plenty forms of artificial intelligence during the course of this series, however today we are going to touch base on some pretty fascinating Artificial Intelligence that we can play with.

The image featured above is an actual image that was modified using an base image along with the words “artificial intelligence uprising” and that is the image the A.I was able to come up. This is nothing compared to types of A.I that some very intelligent developers have trained.

Have you heard of deep fakes? They also use Artificial Intelligence such as Machine Learning in order to produce those deep fakes. They can also mimic the voice of any person you wish, provided you have actual audio from the person.

Neural Networks, what are they?

What Is a Neural Network? A neural network is a series of algorithms that endeavors to recognize underlying relationships in a set of data through a process that mimics the way the human brain operates. In this sense, neural networks refer to systems of neurons, either organic or artificial in nature.

The above snippet was taken from a simple search on Neural Network. Laymen terms, Neural Networks are programs that use algorithms in order to find similarities in data and make highly probable predictions based on the data provided.

What kind of data? That is the thing that makes neural networks so powerful. The can literally work on almost any type of data from audio, video and text. These neural networks can than be trained on other task with what is known as transfer learning.

What are the different types of learning?

Unsupervised Learning: This type of learning is when you take a massive amount of data and feed it into a neural network with out specifying any parameters to let the neural network know what it is looking at. The neural network than mimics the human brain and leans as a child would. However this doesn’t imply the neural network has memory as a normal brain would.

Unsupervised Learning holds the most potential to become the first real general artificial intelligence like you and I are. The thoughts of a computer being as one of us with the exception of their learning rates being 1000 fold times better than the human brain.

Supervised Learning: Supervised kind of means what it says. The data that goes into the neural network has been sought though and labeled in a way that the computer can better understand the data it is looking at, an example being facial recognition.

Facial recognition would require so many pictures of the person you want the neural network to recognize. Once the neural network has studied all of the data it ideally than would be able to look at any photo/video and identify the subject it was trained to remember.

Reinforcement Learning: This is actually proven to be one of the best methods to use along with Unsupervised Learning. Every time the Neural Network does something correctly it gets a reward that is programmed into the hard code. This reward isn’t anything physical, but it lets the neural network know that it is doing a good job.

Once you think about the Reinforcement Learning technique it makes a lot of sense. When you are at work and you Boss comes up and makes comments like, “Wow Rutkowski, you’re doing a fantastic job!” I would be more prone to doing the job the same way in order to get that reinforcement from the Boss Man.

This same strategy also works rather well with most children, except they might prefer candy, toys or something that is a little more fun than a simple plus one.

What have Neural Networks done for the World?

While you may not think you have been directly affected by a neural network you are wrong. The fact is that every online service now a days has some type of neural network involved in it that helped the service become what it is.

For instance Google search uses a neural network in order to help provide the best search results, although Google doesn’t have the best search results any longer and that is due to people like myself that have learned these algorithms good enough in order to manipulate search results to gain free exposure.

Google just recently announced that they are completely redoing the search algorithm in order to brig about unique content and hopefully get rid of all the click bait that surrounds the internet these days. Hence why I use Brave Browser in order to preserve some of my privacy and keep away from pesky adverts that I don’t want to see 24/7

Google isn’t the only that is using Algorithms and Neural Networks to provided for a better end-user experience. Amazon, Ebay, Wal Mart and so many other retailers use neural networks to help predict shopping patterns, trends and other sales tactics that encourages the consumer to spend more money.

Those pesky little ads that pop up on your social media after you get done googling something? That is all related to what I am talking about right now. You could simply have a conversation about coke a cola around a smart phone, pick the phone up and look at FB and almost undoubtedly you would have an advert from COKE pop up.

That is a scary part of Artificial Intelligence just sitting their in ram some where listening to every one communicate. The spying may be a major turn off for a lot of people, but most people are okay with it these days for some reason no one values privacy.

Facebook, Twitter and almost all social media sites use some form of a neural network in order to put relevant post/tweets in front of your fact to keep you scrolling for hours. They this all by keeping track of every thing you do online and statistically narrowing down what you may be likely to click on and make a purchase.

Now, we talked about how corporate America is using the technology to line their pockets with billions more than they previously had, no surprise their, right?

Medical professionals are also using Neural Networks in order to catch early stages of cancer and other health related issues that has already been used to save lives. Mankind hasn’t been able to solve cancer yet, but I hold out hopes that artificial intelligence will finally be the cure all cancer solution that mankind has sought after for decades.

My Final Thoughts:

The above image is yet another A.I. generated images, except this image was generated by feeding the neural network text. The text was, “Planet where Artificial Intelligence is the sole inhabitant” and that is the result I got.

Artificial Intelligence is pretty amazing. The possibilities of what all we can do with the technology is limitless. We have the potential in order to be able to preserve the greatest minds in the world. Could you imagine being able to have a conversation with the mind of Albert Einstein that has continuously evolved from the point of Death?

That would not be a transfer of consciousness, but rather a clone of ones own mind. The hardware is starting to be developed and could arguably be ready for this type of solution. The main thing that pops up as a major concern to me would be the enough storage capacity.