February 9, 2021

Bitcoin did great, but what about #HOT #HOLOCHAIN ? 64% Gains!

We always hear people talk about mainstream crypto’s but we rarely hear about those random gems that are hiding and waiting for mass discovery with major profit potential. I have been watching #HOLOCHAIN #HOT for years now, I have been investing into #HOT for the same amount of time. I personally can not complain about the gains I have seen which is probably why I hold a decent amount. I have stated in multiple articles that #HOT is my Million Dollar token and I know one day it’ll get me their.

I recommend if you are not already familiar with #HOT you check out this article to get a better understanding of #HOT I know people have a mass hype for ETH but tokens like #HOT in my opinion are more valuable than any, with the community that #HOLOCHAIN has, you can’t go wrong. at the current price of $0.0012 and some change per token you can almost not afford to get on board. #HOTchallenge goal of 1,000,000.00 HOT Tokens to HODL and 100,000.00 HOT Tokens to sell.

Bitcoin, doing BIG THINGS!

Bitcoin: is currently fighting a resistance level at $46.5K after setting a new All Time High of $48,250.00 amidst an announcement from Tesla stating they are investing $1.5 BN into Bitcoin. The price movement may be associated with that transaction, however, I don’t see that as being a decent buying strategy for Bitcoin, who really knows who Elon Musk will go about the investment other than Mr. Saylor whom is more than likely helping Elon make the move.

Bitcoin is currently in uncharted territories at the moment and with out proof that Elon Musk has a wallet with 1.5 Billion USD of Bitcoin I personally really can’t believe that he has invested himself personally yet. I think we will see price increasing to $50K this week and ideally over the next 48 hours, at the point I think we will be met with major resistance that will shot the price back by 6K to 8K and on the worse side of it $12K.

I personally believe Bitcoin is beyond the purchasing under $40K stage and we will see major things happening this month alone, we are only within the second week of February and look at the markets! This is either a great thing or a major set up. I have honestly whole heartedly believed in Crypto since I learned of it’s existence. I know that with the massive adoption by main stream media figures as well as every day people we will see even more jump into the market seeing nothing but $$$ dollar signs.


While it is already February 9, 2021 and President Biden promised Americans #StimulusChecks back in January while campaigning to get Democrat Senators elected then President Elect Biden promised that if voters, voted Democrat he would have a $2,000.00 stimulus amendment passed as soon as he took office on January 20, 2021 at 12:00 p.m.

Although I am not surprised he failed to act immediately to getting #StimulusChecks passed, President Biden has become the target of scrutiny from millions of Americans with #BidenLied trending on Twitter, when President Biden said, “$600.00 just isn’t enough,” “Americans need $2,000.00” Americans thought President Biden was implying a full $2,000.00 stimulus check.

Now, according to sources in which I personally haven’t substantiated yet, #StimulusChecks will be going out the door soon. Americans making under $100,000.00 per year will get $1,400.00 I know people all over the World need help financially depending upon how bad the Pandemic has been in your area. I know in most situations it seems that the government agencies have made the impacts of covid-19 worse than it has had to be.

My Final Thoughts

I am excited to get this next Stimulus check, $1,000.00 is going to be put into the market, I am going to start a new article called What I would do with $250.00 and I am going to give short post daily updates about the account. The ideal of the account will be to maximize the $250.00 the most over the long run. The other $750.00 will be diversified through out a lot of my upcoming favorite new crypto’s.

I look for all Crypto’s to be inflated with this new stimulus check, pretty much if you invest right now into anything including #Bitcoin that has value, I know #DOGE is on a run still and Elon Musk, Gene Simmons and Snoop Dogg are all supporting #DOGE but we have so many other Crypto Currencies that actually serve a purpose more than price speculations.

Bitcoin with the $1.5 Billion USD investment by Tesla will drive millions of people of people to dump money into Bitcoin, I think personally that investments impact has honestly yet to be seen, I think we will start seeing the investment impact going forward over the next couple of weeks. The implications this has on crypto alone is over whelming, Tesla planning to accept Bitcoin as payment for Tesla’s!

We have a lot of great upcoming projects, #VET #ADA #ELGD and more that I really need to set down and just write about. I have been so wrapped up lately just studying and following Bitcoin, Bitcoin was headed towards a rally before Tesla made their announcement about buying Bitcoin, that is why I think we have yet to see what that will do to the price of Bitcoin or they may have secretly invested 1.5 Billion into Bitcoin and than announced the plan to grow the investment rapidly.

Who knows, anyways, Thanks for reading, God Bless You and stay Healthy!